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Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing becomes more robust on Android

Google has just announced that it is adding even more security features to its already existing security measures for its Android devices and pledging to provide protection to hundreds of millions mobile users. Normally, Google Play Services would prevent you from harmful applications and some other minor issues but now Google has upgraded this protection even more to bring more safer browsing for you and your Android device.

Safe browsing

One of the key feature of this new protection is the ‘Social engineering’ which is a protection against phishing or a look alike site, which is a misleading way to acquire your personal information and they normally disguise themselves as a trustworthy site. so to prevent you from entering such sites, Google will update their database with these sort of malicious sites and stop you from entering.

How to get it:

If you’re an Android user, you probably already have it! This new Safe Browsing client on Android is part of Google Play Services, starting with version 8.1. The first app to use it is Chrome, starting with version 46—Google is now protecting all Android Chrome users by default. If you look at Chrome’s Settings > Privacy menu, you can verify that Safe Browsing is enabled and that you’re protected. Chrome warns you about dangerous sites when you try to visit them.

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