Chrome v47 update brings better desktop experience to tablets


With a recent update to Chrome v47 for Android, Google has made an attempt to bring Desktop experience to tablets. If you use mouse and keyboard with you Nexus 9 tablet, then you are definitely gonna like it. People are reporting that the update has vastly improved their user experience while doing some usual tasks in chrome. A user on reddit has compared using it before and after the update. Here are some points which that user noted:

  • Rearranging tabs is a bit quicker; before, you had to click and hold on the tab before you could drag it, now you can simply drag tabs and they will reorder instantaneously.
  • Middle-mouse button now closes tabs!
  • Scrolling with the mouse wheel is now a lot faster and doesn’t cause the address bar to hide.

User also reports that there are still a lot of things which seem to be buggy in comparison to desktop, like middle-click and right-click on the actual page content is still treated as a left-click. Well this update brings Chrome for Android on tablets close to the Desktop experience, but there is still a long way to go.

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