apple iphone 7 image leaked 1

Alleged video of iphone 7 leaked, could be an early prototype or fake

An alleged video of iPhone 7 has started surfacing to day on some chinese sites (source not confirmed). The phone appears to be early prototype, if it really is, according to the finish. The leaked video is said to be directly from the foxconn industry, but I can’t confirm the authenticity of the video and it could be fake. The video shows back and front of the phone completely and easily. Yes, there are few things to talk about. First see the photos.

apple iphone 7 image leaked 1

apple iphone 7 image leaked 2

The front shows very very slim bezels just like everyone wants, but there could be black bezels inside the glass just like HTC One M9. One thing to note¬†here is that there doesn’t appear to be any home button in this alleged video of iphone 7. That could be a major change, but I like the iphones more with a home button, just my opinion. The back of the phone also shows the repositioned camera just like any other phone out there, right in the top-middle. You can also watch the video below which appears to be taken in a hurry, so I had a hard time taking good screenshots out of that.

The chinese video embedding link was disappearing again-n-again, so I had to upload it to youtube. I would say again, since the authenticity of this video is not confirmed, it could be fake.

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