Alleged Nokia SmartWatch Prototype comes under radar

Alleged Nokia SmartWatch Prototype comes under radar

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Alleged Nokia SmartWatch Prototype comes under radar

Nokia hasn’t really been in the news much since Nokia N1 but we have come across some images which claim to be of a smartwatch prototype from Nokia. Last month, NPU reported that Nokia may be bringing its wearables to the market soon as they found some job listings on linkedin and those wearables are reportedly android-based.

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The images which we found today try hard to convince that they are of a real prototype from Nokia with even “PROTOTYPE” written at the back of it. So take these images with a grain of salt.

This particular smartwatch appears to have a square-shaped plastic body like the LG G watch. If it is a real prototype, then it could be Android-based. As the previous rumours suggest, this smartwatch could be a part of the line of wearable devices that Nokia seemed to be developing and was hiring people for. The poster also shows the internals of the wearable in one of the images.

If this is really a prototype, then also we might see a totally different smartwatch from Nokia but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more into it.

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